Proposed modified school schedule up for discussion in Greenwood District 50

GREENWOOD, SC (FOX Carolina) - Big changes could be on the way to the school schedule for Greenwood District 50 schools. 

School leaders are proposing a modified schedule that would give students and teachers a 2-week break every 9 weeks with a shorter summer break. 

But it's only a proposal right now and they want to hear how the community feels about this big change. 

If this is approved by their board in November, the change would go into effect at the beginning of their fiscal year next Summer so the school district is hoping that the community will speak up about the proposal next week.

The proposed change would mean a 6-week summer break.

Johnathan Graves, the Communications Director for the district says it's "in the best interest of the students."

It would add a 2 week break in October, 2 week winter break and a break in March with a roughly 6 week Summer break. During those breaks, the administration says it will give students time to evaluate where they are in their classes and make changes in necessary. 

Graves says, "this is not year-round school schedule. This is just a proposed modified calendar. Really, the reason that we are looking at it is because of the year-long remediation that it will provide for our students so they no longer will we have to wait until the end of the year to help students get caught back up. We can do that year-round."

They hope it will help keep everyone well rested as well. 

Graves believes it will assist with what they call "student teacher fatigue."

"Students and teachers do get burn out because of the long call of the school schedule. The traditional schedule they are on," says Graves. 

Elizabeth Anty says the biggest concern she can think of is for parents with children the same age as her granddaughter who will have to find child care options for 2 week breaks. 

Elizabeth Anty says "we need to think about how are the single parents going to be able to do that. If they are going to be able to get some financial aid or assistance with that."

Anty says her family has her to help, but not all families have someone who can help out in times like that. Anty believes there are pros to the plan as well.  

The district hopes community members, like Anty, will bring ideas like that to the board so that they can talk about it together. 

Graves emphasized that, "this is not a proposal that came out overnight. This is something that has had a lot of thought behind it and has received a lot of critiques from other people within our community and others in our school district."

One community member that we spoke with off camera told us that if the day cares in town came together with some type of schedule, with discounted rates, that could cater to the proposed schedule, that may help the parents of small children who need it.

The board of trustees will vote in November and then it still would have to be approved by the state board of education. They hope that people will come and ask their questions directly to the superintendent before the vote. 

This is the survey link that the district hopes every member of their community will complete.
You can email questions, suggestions, or concerns to  
The meeting dates are below.

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