GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) – It’s considered “the blackest bus in America” and it made a stop in Greenville.

Black Voters Matter organization is out in the community spreading hope, positivity, and encouragement. Their goal is to get more black voters to the polls

We’re just three days away from the South Carolina Democratic Primary election, but the message of organizers was not to promote a certain candidate.

“We know this is not just about the national race, but it’s about those other races that are coming up very, very soon,” said Mika Gadsden, SC Coordinator for BVM.

The group spent part of Wednesday evening riding through the Nicholtown neighborhood knocking on doors, passing out fliers and letting residents know about a town hall regarding criminal justice reform. Which is often a hot topic during election seasons.

Community leaders says there’s needs to be more accountability as it relates to police officers’ dealings with the black community and more educational programs.

“We need African American elected officials, we need democratic and republican elected officials to address the issue of criminal justice reform; and that’s not going to happen unless the people engage,” said Kwadjo Campbell, a Greenville community leader.

Organizers talked about the lack of voter turn during elections. Increasing engagement is something one community resident feels is imperative to this conversation.

“I mean the last few times that I’ve gone to vote, it’s been less a hundred people,” Rakenya Lewers, a Greenville resident says. “A lot of people think that if it’s not the presidential election it’s not important, but I think these local elections really affect our community the most.”

Knowing who to vote for isn’t always obvious, it’s easy to get caught up in rhetoric of candidates.

“But in this political process, it’s upside down. Folks come to us every election cycle and they tell us what they’re job description’s going to be. They tell us what they’re going to do for us, the folks who are the voters,” said Cliff Abright, Executive Director of BVM.

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