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GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) - For parents like Matthew Spaulding, watching his two high school daughters go through a pandemic year was tough.

“Everything that I knew and that my wife knew growing up – they haven’t been able to experience," he lamented, speaking about this past year of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects.
He says he was relieved when the opportunity to remove masks in the classroom came about.
“When we were given the opportunity, we jumped on it and signed the waiver, because we just needed to get back to something normal," he said.
Spaulding told us he’s also glad the state “took the leap," and has eased restrictions on buses too.
“I'm just glad they are starting out the year this way, I just hope it keeps going," he said.
“For parents who may be concerned about this, there’s nothing stopping you from still having your child wear a mask," added Tim Waller with Greenville County Schools.
Waller says that mask waivers from last year making them optional in classrooms will carry over to this one as well.
We asked him about any additional restrictions that may still be in place.
“We believe we are going to start the school year in about as normal fashion as we’ve seen in a couple years," Waller explained. “We hope things are going to be restored to what parents and their children remember it being a couple of years ago."
He says the district is currently mulling over plans and will announce a final decision by late July, or more likely, early August.
“I'm just simply talking about a formal announcement about what restrictions, if any, will remain [for 2021-2022]," Waller said.
Parents like Spaulding say they know what they would like to see.
“For me, the biggest thing is that social distancing," Spaulding said. “I mean, they’re kids."

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