File - Deputy at Broome High School

Deputy at Broome High School (FOX Carolina/ Feb 15, 2018)

SPARTANBRUG COUNTY, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - With South Carolina governor Henry McMaster shutting down schools for the remainder of the school year came much disappointment for students across the state. Among those most disappointed are the high school senior student-athletes missing their chance to shine one last time before entering the real world.

But many districts and schools are finding ways to honor their seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as Broome High School.

Their stadium lights were lit again, and a special drive-in event allowed Broome families the opportunity to park at the stadium and hear their names and accomplishments announced, with honking car horns filling the air.

Melissa Tucker was one of the more than 40 Broome seniors honored Wednesday night. She plays softball, and to see her final season cut so short hurt her deeply.

“We were hoping to go to state this year and then it getting ripped away is just heartbreaking," she told us.

And that was acknowledged at tonight's tribute, organized by the school's athletic department. The drive-in night allowed golf, track, softball, baseball, and soccer student-athletes the chance to be recognized not just for the loss of their last season, but for their achievements throughout their sporting careers so far.

“These student-athletes have put in a lot of years playing ball and this is the year that they’ve looked forward to this whole time," said athletic director Lynn Fleming. "We just wanted to  find a way to honor them and let them know how much our coaches love them, how much their community loves them and Broome High School loves them.”

The drive-in night isn't the only event the seniors will see either. Right now, Broome High School is planning to have a socially-distanced graduation on May 28, but they have not decided on a location yet. The school also plans on having a prom, postponed until June 12.

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