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COLUMBIA, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - Today marks the second highest day of confirmed cases of COVID-19, but DHEC confirms, there has been some backlog.

They said hospitals are turning in death reports slightly later due to their increase in patients.
They also said they had a surge in tests before the July 4th holiday weekend, and then saw a very limited number of tests during that weekend.
The cases continue to surge, but DHEC and state officials said the daily numbers can't be taken literally saying some deaths may have occurred days before they are recorded.
"This is our second highest day of new confirmed cases in a single day in South Carolina and one of our highest death reporting days as well," said Dr. Joan Duwve. "I do think it's important to note that not all of those deaths occurred yesterday. We record them as we receive them."
They also say the system is backlogged and still lingering from the holiday weekend.
"You may have noticed some days where the case results were much lower than expected, that's because there wasn't much testing over the Fourth of July weekend," Duwve said. "So we were reporting out test results many of those results were backlogged because so much robust testing before the holiday weekend."
Much of the spike is representing cases from before the holiday and the backlog can be seen in more than just the numbers.
We have an inside source who has been out of work and resting at home for weeks, but that positive patient just received a phone call from DHEC today about contact tracing.
"Sometimes in a pandemic such as we're in now, when the number of cases increases rapidly we out pace our capacity to effectively do contact tracing and so we have to prioritize," Duwve said.
DHEC and the state saID they are doing their best to keep up with things, but mentioned hospitals are also at fault for the reported deaths being out of order. Some deaths reported just today actually occurred back on June 23rd.

"There are often long delays in DHEC getting those death reports because obviously hospitals are obviously very very busy right now," Duwve said.

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