George Rogers speaks at South Carolina Hall of Fame 2020

George Rogers speaks at South Carolina Hall of Fame 2020

Greenville, SC (FOX Carolina) — The South Carolina Football Hall of Fame ceremony looks a lot different this year. 

While some players and coaches attended in-person, most joined via livestream due to social distancing guidelines.

Heisman trophy winner and former South Carolina running back George Rogers presented the 2019 Blanchard-Rogers Collegiate Player of the Year award to Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. 

Rogers said he hopes the rivalry game will continue this year, but as the nation continues to fight a pandemic, questions remain about how college conferences will move forward with football — if at all. 

“I think we’ll play that game! I don’t care, one way or another, they’ll try to play that game,” Rogers said. 

While the ACC and SEC haven’t formally announced any plans for the upcoming season, other conferences, including the 

Big Ten and Pac-12 have announced conference-only schedules.

“There won’t be many conference games, but South Carolina, we can’t go without playing, I don’t think. As long as you can play the games in the conference and maybe win some of them then football can get going again,” Rogers said.

Governor Henry McMaster has not lifted the ban on spectator sports in South Carolina due to the surge in COVID-19 cases. Earlier this summer, Governor McMaster warned if numbers do not improve, fans may not be able to attend football games in the fall. 

As a former player, Rogers said its difficult to imagine playing with no fans in the stands.

“Your teammates would have to cheer for you and that ain’t good enough. You want people, you want your family and all of them to holler for you too,” Rogers said, “You know, that would be hard to do. I think they’ll have people in the stands though. It’s unbelievable that they might not, but hopefully that won’t have to happen.”

The ACC and SEC plan to make a decision about plans for the upcoming football season in late July. 

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