More foster families needed during coronavirus outbreak

Miracle Hill Ministries (FOX Carolina/ April 7, 2020). 

GREENVILLE COUNTY, SC (FOX Carolina) Trey Ingram and his wife opened their hearts and their home and became foster parents.

“It’s a joy to have all of my children in our lives," Ingram said.

He's a proud father of seven children and he and wife fostered two of seven, then later adopted them.

“There are children literally around the corner, down the street, less than a mile from everyone that need a safe place to go, safe place to lay their heads and a family to love them," he said.

However, now that COVID-19 has hit, some are hesitant about becoming foster parents.

“The children are suffering regardless and so whether or not you choose to open up your home for fostering isn’t going to change whether or not that child is already exposed to some risks," Ingram said.

Since the coronavirus, workers at Miracle Hill in Greenville County are seeing an uptick in referrals for child placement from the Department of Social Services.

“The number of waiting children who have the greatest need are generally ages 10-to about 14 and then sibling groups," Brenda Parks said.

She's the foster care ministry director with Miracle Hill.

“There’s really no way to know sometimes when the kids come into care whether or not they are asymptomatic and may be a carrier of the virus but we have not had that," Parks said.

She says they do what they can to find out as much about a child's background as possible.

“Foster care happens in crisis and you know kids are victims of abuse," Parks said.

Those who are interested can sign up on the Miracle Hill website. Ingram says becoming a foster parent is a decision that made his family and his heart complete.

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