Easter bunny visiting the Stonehaven Neighborhood

Easter bunny visiting the Stonehaven Neighborhood

GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - Those who attend Morningside Baptist Church in Greenville County are getting ready for Easter Sunday.

“I know a lot of families right now our dealing with just the economic stress, the fear, the anxiety,” Pastor Josh Crockett said.

He’s the senior pastor at Morningside and says there will be an online Easter service and Easter egg hunt.

“We’re going to have eggs scattered throughout different pages and photo galleries. So kids or anyone can participate. You just send in what your guess is as to how many eggs you found,” Crockett said.

He says he and others with the church are trying to find ways to minister with members and the community while they practice social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak.

“We want to grieve with those who grieve and we recognize even from our own congregation how serious this disease is,” he said.

The coronavirus crisis also changed the traditional neighborhood Easter egg celebrations, but at Stonehaven in Simpsonville it won’t stop a Easter bunny sighting.

“I think it’s great just to boost morale and give everyone something to look forward to,” Stephanie Detwiler said.

She helped organize the chauffeured visit that will start at the clubhouse and maneuver throughout the neighborhood Saturday morning.

“They’re going to drive slowly through the neighborhood and slow enough so that the kids can stand in their yard and grab a quick picture,” Detwiler said.

So, they will socialize from their porches and front yards.

“This will get everyone at least out of their houses together and hopefully, see the light at the end of the tunnel,” she said.

Although members at Morningside won’t walk into a building, Crockett says the church is within you.

“We want to rejoice in the death-defying hope that we have because of Christ’s resurrection,” he said.

Jamie Duncan, pastor at East Pickens Baptist Church, says churches like his want to do as much as they responsibly can to celebrate Easter.

“I think the vast majority of churches are trying to do some kind of Facebook live or live streaming online," he said. "There’s a few churches in our area doing what we’re doing, which is a drive-in worship. I know of very few churches that still trying to meet. Maybe they have smaller congregations or trying to distance themselves under the same roof, but I think the majority of churches are trying to scramble to find something else to do for Easter.”

South Carolina representative James Clyburn (D) says these efforts to celebrate while socially distanced are appreciated, and says churches need to do what they can to celebrate while being socially responsible.

“We can be just as faithful praying in our closets and praying in our private homes. That’s more of a demonstration of faith than it is to have to gather in public, especially when we can put so many others at risk," he told us.

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