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(FOX Carolina) - As businesses are coping with the uncertainty there have been many changes to ensure safety. Some are working from home and others are still practicing social distancing.

Grocery stores are also following trend and have begun adapting to the changing times.
Since they are considered essential employees they will continue to work. Major grocery store companies have announced the precautions they plan to roll out over the coming days.
While many are working from home or even having to go through lay offs, grocery stores are doing the opposite, expeditiously hiring to keep up with demand.
"My wife wants me to get enough for two weeks so I'm trying to make sure I have everything," said Robert McLean. "I have a list so I don't dilly dally when I'm in the store."
But customers are noticing some differences when out shopping. Some are wearing masks to keep safe, others just trying to distance themselves from other shoppers.
"I've got my gloves on, I do have a mask which I should be wearing but I didn't put it on because I stayed away from people," McLean said.
Overall shoppers share the same sentiment, more shelves are empty but their experience was pretty normal.
"A few more people had masks, but other than that it was pretty normal," said Zach Wilson. "Nobody had a bad attitude like stay away from me, so pretty normal."
However, that could soon change as major companies like Bi-Lo and Harris Teeter install plexiglass around check out lanes. It's designed to be a barrier protecting employees and customers.
Others are also avoiding contact with hands by placing receipts in bags and then making customers pick up the bags instead of handing it to them.
"I think it'd be fine," said Carla Ciamfiche. "It's just a little more difficult but we need to do what we can to get through this."
Multiple stores said they are hiring and in desperate need of employees willing to stalk supplies.

Grocery stores are also modifying store and pharmacy hours to make sure surfaces are clean.

Publix stores to have barriers for cashiers as virus spreads

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