GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) - A lot of questions are continuing to roll in about the pace of the vaccine rollout in South Carolina.

DHEC told us that their allocation has been lower than other states.

They are hoping to help the community understand the process so that the communities can maximize what the state has been given.

Individual doctor's office wouldn't be able to handle this large scale process right now as well as this type of vaccine and the temp it needs to be stored in.

That’s why they are allowing the CDC and Prisma to work together using mass sites so that they have all the equipment needed to maximize the resources allotted to this area. Most people I spoke with say that they are moving through the line quickly since it’s my appointment only right now.

Having the trained staff, the equipment set up in a centralized location is to minimize the amount of vaccines that would be sitting waiting to be used as everyone rushes to get this sticker.

Local leaders came together to show the community that - they believe in the science and that everyone should get informed to lessen the fear that some have.

Sheriff Hobart Lewis says, "There is nothing to fear. We hope that everyone gets it and we certainly want to reduce the number of sickness we have a Greenville county and certainly the number of deaths."

Lewis and several of his deputies were vaccinated at the old K-Mart location run by PRISMA. Initially there were plans to vaccinate on site at the sheriff's office, but officials determined this appointment only process at these mass vaccination sites are best.

"They were more worried about documenting who got the vaccine, when they got it because there is a time limit on it and it can only be out for so long so we certainly encourage people to come here and this is the best place to do it," Sheriff Lewis says referring to the mass vaccination site at the former store site.

Another issue in the county:  getting people of color vaccinated. Dr. U.A. Thompson, a local spiritual leader says that he was vaccinated today to help eliminate some fear that has kept many in his community from being vaccinated.

Thompson says, "I believe in toughing it out, but some things in life you just cannot win. I think this virus is one of those and I think we should be moving with the swiftness. Come get the vaccine so that we can stop the hearse wheels from rolling in our community because of COVID-19."

These leaders hope that by unifying that they can break down that fear that exists in many communities. But they realize that it's not easy. 

They are opening the door to continue these conversations locally so that people will get vaccinated.

The latest from PRISMA about their vaccine rollout is here.


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