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    New York, NY (CBSNewYork) -- A group of dog detectives went to some extremes to bring a family pet home, but it wasn’t the only missing dog they found.

Pickles is home after roaming the streets and train tracks of Brooklyn, where he was found earlier this week.

“I was in disbelief in the most excited way possible,” owner Jasmin Cruz Masella said.

Pickles went missing in August after slipping out of his harness while under the care of an employee of Wag, the popular dog walking service. Wag then deployed search teams, set up a tip line, put out fliers, and enlisted the help of professional dog trackers, the Carmen brothers, who also worked with Teddy Henn of the Missing Angels from Long Island.

“People are out there to help and really specialize in bringing your pet home,” Masella said.

Traps were set up in areas where Pickles had been spotted, and cameras were also used and monitored 24 hours a day until the pooch finally wandered into a trap with a new four-legged friend.

“Thank goodness that we found him, but to then find another dog,” Masella said. “As soon as they came in they laid down to each other, they were really protective of one another.”

The Sean Casey Animal Rescue says Violet was a feral dog when they rescued her from South Carolina two years ago. She was with a foster family when she disappeared.

“We searched for her for months and months and months and unfortunately there were no sightings, there was no nothing,” Sean Casey said. “It was like she disappeared and here we are, two years later.”

The pups appeared to have found life on the streets to be easier as a pair.

“They have a pack mentality,” Casey said. “It’s natural for dogs to join together and work together and it’s really the best way for them to survive.”

The question now is whether or not Violet and Pickles will be reunited.

“We’d love to keep them together if we can,” Masella said.

Violet first needs a new experienced foster family who can help rehabilitate and socialize her.

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