An Easley woman talks about life at home with the coronavirus. (3/20/2020)

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shak'n my head

I call BS on her son being the only one she has came in contact with! Per CDC, it takes 2-14 days for symptoms to show. NOT 2-14 days from when you are diagnosed! Her place of employment, Easley Dental Center, didn't close until this past Tuesday (giving her the benefit of the doubt, she may have already have taken the past week off). Also pastor at 5 point church posted a humble & sincere video, after he received a call from her letting him know she tested positive, making the congregation aware the she was in the 3rd service this past Sunday. From her social media post, she wasn't taking the warnings seriously, hence several post about people overreacting followed by pics of a family meal at Strickland's Resturant in Seneca on 3/18. Truly unfortunate that she has contracted the virus and obviously through no fault of her own, but hopefully (but doubting) she has not spread this any further. However, especially with her being in the medical/dental field, I would expect more "coming forward" when reporting her where abouts and possible contaminations. Truly no need for panic but we still need to be real about things.


If her son is the only one she knows that could have been exposed and he is now flying back from LA to be with his family and be quarantined, isn't he exposing everybody else on that flight to COVID 19?

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