Sheriff says officials are closing in on suspects in Pendleton quadruple homicide

Victims in Pendleton quadruple homicide (file/FOX Carolina)

PENDLETON, SC (FOX CAROLINA) –   Four years ago four family members were found gunned down inside their Pendleton home.

The bodies of a husband and wife, Michael and Cathy Scott, and their mothers, Barbara Scott and Violet Taylor were found on November 2, 2015.

Though no arrests have been made, Anderson County Sheriff Chad McBride said he feels confident his department is close to solving the quadruple homicide.

“We have definitely moved forward in this case and are closer now than we ever have been,” Sheriff McBride said.

Four years later, the home along Refuge Road is eerily quiet, still holding secrets about what happened inside, something Sheriff McBride said he's desperately trying to uncover.

“It’s one of those things where just because you believe you could probably make an arrest, we’re also firming up the case and making sure no detail goes unnoticed.”

Chad McBride inherited the case when he was elected Anderson County Sheriff in 2016, one year after the quadruple homicide was committed.

“Talking to our detectives who are working the case now, they wish certain things would have happened that night in question at the scene. Is it going to hinder us with the case? That’s where we're trying to not let it. That’s why we're trying to be as diligent as we can,” McBride said.

Sheriff McBride said he’s confident they’ve identified more than one suspect, but still waiting on the missing link that will crack this case wide open.

“We have our suspects and we're working on that. Obviously, that’s not somebody we can name here today, but we feel pretty confident about the suspects. We have more than one. I'll tell you that,” McBride said.

The sheriff said they're still conducting forensic tests and he’s confident the results will come back with the missing link.

“We still have stuff out there that’s being reviewed and being tested so we're anxiously awaiting those results,” McBride said, “But do we feel strongly about who did it? Yes, we do and I believe their day is coming.”

Anyone with information about the quadruple homicide should contact the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office at 864-260-4400.

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