HENDERSON COUNTY, N.C. (FOX Carolina) — The district attorney won't bring charges in a fatal Hendersonville shooting, they reported on Friday.

"When you go to someone else's property, the law does support them defending themselves when they believe they're going to die or be badly injured,"said DA Greg Newman in a morning press conference on the shooting.

"We will not be submitting an indictment. There are not facts to support a charge that we can successfully prosecute."

It's been more than two weeks since the shooting death of James Stepp III on Brooklyn Avenue in Hendersonville County.

In a Friday morning press conference, District Attorney Greg Newman said there will not be any charges, citing that the facts support self-defense in Stepp's death.

Stepp's family rejects the decision, and a group gathered, calling for justice for James Stepp.

The shooting took place July 3 at a Hendersonville business.

Investigators say an argument broke out between the business owner and Stepp's son, which led to the son being fired.

The DA said the son called Stepp, who showed up and got into a fight with the owner, punching him a number of times.

During the course of the fight the business owner took out a gun and fired three times before the gun jammed, fatally wounding Stepp.

"The law supports what this man did," Newman said of the shooter in the press conference. He called the case difficult, tragic and "not the way we want people to resolve their disputes."

There is also a reported video the family's attorney says they have yet to see.

The family is left with a lot of unanswered questions.


Family talks about Hendersonville shooting victim many knew as "Pup"

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