GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) – Greenville police said an elderly couple was attacked by two dogs while walking their daughter’s dog Thursday morning, and now the owner is being charged.

The attack happened just after 10 a.m. near Trescott Street and W. Washington Street.

"It our understanding that the victims noticed the dogs coming their way they picked up their dog and were holding it for protection," said Donald Porter, a spokesman for the police department. "Of course and it sounds like they did everything in the inspection when your out walking your dog should be that it’s a safe endeavor that you should be able to do without fear of being attacked by a’s something this investigation is going to revel and see the circumstances around it and see what the appropriate consequences are."

Police said the woman suffered serious injuries to her left arm.

The husband also suffered injuries to his hands.

Both victims were taken to the hospital.

A GPD Animal Control Officer found the two dogs believed to be responsible and secured the animals. Police said the dogs are pit bulls.

The dog the couple was walking was also hurt in the attack and taken to the vet.

 “Greenville Police Animal Control is conducting a thorough investigation to include determining the ownership of the dogs, if the dogs were properly secured at the home, vaccination records, and examination of any previous complaints,” said Porter in a news release.

Dogs involved in attack.jpg

Officials at Greenville Co. Animal Care said these were the 2 dogs brought in after an elderly couple was attacked in Greenville this morning (FOX Carolina/ March 14, 2019)

Greenville County officials confirmed the two dogs were taken to Greenville County Animal Care and quarantined.

An official with Animal Care said the two dogs will be humanely euthanized.

Alison Storm Lowry said her parents were walking her dog, Max, when the attack happened.

Lowry said her dad is okay and the ER team spent an hour stitching her mother up before she was released.


Max did not survive his injuries (Source: Alison Storm Lowry)

Max, however was not so lucky. Lowry said the dog suffered a punctured lung and spinal cord damage, and his body could not handle the injuries.

"He was with our family for a short time but we are crushed," Lowry posted on Facebook about Max. "We are also sad to learn that dogs that maul people in the City of Greenville are not automatically put down. In fact, if a judge were to say it’s ok, these dogs could be back in my neighborhood. They escaped from a yard, half a block from a park. I know it could have been so much worse, but we are all devastated. We’ll miss his cute underbite, his sassy Mohawk and all of the snuggles. He’s been a wonderful member of our family."

The owner of the dogs was determined to be Clifton Ray Gash, who has been charged with an animals running at large ticket, and a nuisance animal ticket. 

Gash has been summoned to appear in court, authorities say.

Stay with FOX Carolina as details unfold.

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this is horrific. the real question would be what type of owners did these dogs have? Were these dogs "fighting" dogs. It is a shame and a crime that is committed more than people realize. People who fight these dogs, if in fact that is the case, should be sent to prison. I have had pit bulls who were so gentle that they would let the kittens rest with them on the porch. My sympathy goes out to the family with the injured parents and the fatally injured dog.

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