GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) -- Friday, July 3, FOX Carolina reached out to the Greenville County Sheriff's Office to get an update on their missing K-9 officer, Rudy. 

According to deputies, Rudy, who is a German Shepherd, escaped from his handler on Monday, June 29, from his handler's backyard on Devenger Road. 

Earlier this week, deputies told us they have received numerous tips but so far none have turned out to be Rudy. 

Unfortunately, that continues to be the case.

On Friday, Lt. Jimmy Bolt with the sheriff's office said,"We continue to receive tips from the public but none have panned out to be Rudy.  At this time his whereabouts are still unknown. We appreciate all of the community support, concern, and prayers."

Deputies request for anyone who sees the dog to call 911 immediately.

 MORE NEWS - Death investigation underway along Williamston Road in Anderson, officials say

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I was told by the old timers when I was young that A lot of older dogs that are nearing the end of life or are sick will run away from home or their owners in order to pass away. They will find a secure, hidden spot to lay down and take their last breathes. They do this so their masters/owners or as they see it "pack" will not see them or find them in that shape or way. I always thought it was because they didn't want to disappoint or feel as they were too "weak" or had given up on the pack all in order to help owner/master/pack move on little easier. Also my personal experience, my ChowChow ran away and never came back when he was 15 years old and on his last leg. Just a thought he would of been back by now if he was chasing tale or critter. He would of caught it or gave up.


I can't believe that any missing dog is now "breaking news". Its a trained dog, it will come home when hungry :)

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