Horse silhouette at sunset

Horse silhouette at sunset

GREENVILLE COUNTY, SC (FOX Carolina) Horse owners in the Upstate have been on high alert in recent weeks following various reports of attacks that have left their beloved animals injured.

Over the course of nearly two months, officials say there have been at least seven cases involving horse attacks in the Upstate. An attack across state lines, in Black Mountain, was also reported. 

According to an incident report, Greenville County deputies say their earliest documented attack happened on October 16 in Landrum. The owner of the horse, whose name is Jack, said the animal was missing for about two days before he was found suffering from a deep laceration on his back. 

In the report, the horse owner said Jack had been injured with a metal weapon, potentially a knife or machete. A veterinarian later confirmed the cut on his rear just above his tail was done with "enough force to cause damage to the horse's vertebrae." 

Deputies say the veterinarian told them she had been contacted by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division concerning the attacks. She reportedly told officials she wasn't able to confirm an exact cause of the horses' injuries due to "documented incidents in Spartanburg County involving a wild hog attacking a horse and causing a 'clean cut.'" 

The second incident within the county is said to have occurred on November 7 at a location off Reid Road in the Landrum area - this time involving two horses. 

In a report, deputies say the complainant informed them she found two of her horses suffering from cuts on the lower portion of their hind legs. One animal had injuries on both of its legs, while another suffered a cut to just one. 

Investigators say they, along with an official from Spartanburg County, surveyed the pasture in search of any signs that might help them in their case. While walking the area, the report says both officials noticed scat belonging to wild hogs. 

They also observed rooting marks consistent with that of hogs, as well as various tracks belonging to wild hogs. 

Greenville County officials are also investigating two other incidents involving horse attacks. One animal was cut several times, while another was found shot to death. 

County officials met with concerned citizens in mid-November, and decided to create a special position solely dedicated to investigating crimes against animals. 

There are at least three confirmed cases of horse attacks in Spartanburg County. 


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