Spartanburg Co. Sheriff's Office asking for information about woman's disappearance in 2017

The Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office shared a Facebook post on Tuesday, asking for information about Robbie Turner's disappearance. 

WELLFORD, S.C. (FOX Carolina) – We’ve learned new details about a Wellford woman who disappeared three years ago.

Robbie Turner was reported missing in January 2017 after she vanished along Ridge Road in Wellford.

In an interview on the three-year anniversary of her disappearance, Wellford police chief David Green said he believes Turner is not in the area.

Chief Green said investigators have carried out multiple searches with K-9’s and cadaver dogs, but each time the dogs stop tracking Turner’s scent along Ridge Road.  Green said this leads them to believe Turner left or was taken against her will in the same spot she was last seen alive.

“We've searched miles and miles of area around where she went missing and nothing we could find at the time,” Green said, “I don’t believe she’s in the area where she first went missing.”

Chief Green said they've questioned everyone who saw Turner the night she disappeared, and searched the area extensively, but no evidence has surfaced.

“There's still a lot of unanswered questions. We still are unable to identify where Robbie Turner is at and what actually took place the night she went missing,” Green said.

Green said Turner’s disappearance continues to baffle investigators three years later and Robbie’s family is equally as stumped.

“It’s just like she’s never been born,” Turner’s sister, Nellie Vernon said.

Turner's family said she would not willingly disappear or leave her daughter behind. They believe someone out there knows something and they’re urging them to come forward.

“This is going on three years tomorrow. They think we're just going to let it die but we're going to keep it alive until we find out what happened to my sister because we know they know something,” Vernon said.

Chief Green said they’re planning to pass out flyers around Wellford this week in hopes of generating new leads.

Anyone with information about Turner’s disappearance is asked to call Wellford Police at (864)-439-2436 ext. 100.

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