GREENVILLE, SC (Fox Carolina) -- The Greenville County Sheriff's Office says a deputy is now off the job after video of an arrest made its rounds on social media. 

Back in August, the video had more than 30,000 views since being posted.

The sheriff's office says one of the deputies involved in the arrest was terminated on September 11 for conduct unbecoming of an officer following and internal affairs investigation into the arrest. 

Many of you reached out to Fox Carolina about this, wanting to know more about what happened between deputies and the suspect.
Public opinions are so far split about 50-50, with some believing the arrest went too far, while others say the suspect should’ve complied with deputies’ commands.
There’s still a lot we don’t know about this case…including exactly what led up to the moments caught on video. After the arrest was caught on camera by a local auto shop, they made the video public.
The Greenville County Sheriff's Office said they couldn't comment, other than to say, the internal affairs department is investigating. 
Nick Simmons and other workers at Simuns Tire and Brake were working under the hood on August 1st,  when their attention was pulled from cars to chaos. 
In surveillance footage captured by the shop, a man who identified himself as Zebbie Hudgens begins to walk away from the deputy and that's when the deputy runs after him. Once they have a brief encounter, Hudgens takes a step back and it quickly escalates with the man being brought down by the deputy. On the footage, back up deputies arrive. "I didn't know what was going on," Hudgens said. 

"You're on the ground and you're under control by these guys, no one has the right to stand on you and punch you."

Greenville County deputies couldn’t say what led up to the arrest, but in one of the videos released by an auto shop employee, you hear one deputy try to explain by saying, "The guy ran from us. We tackled him to the ground. He wouldn’t put his hands behind his back and we did punch him.”  You then hear that deputy reiterate the man wouldn’t comply. 

With the video receiving thousands of views, there are mixed comments. We spoke to Zebbie and his charges range from driving under suspension to resisting arrest.

Zebbie said on the evening of Monday, August 5, he is still recovering from the incident. We will continue to cover what led up the arrest. 

On Tuesday, Greenville County deputies released Hudgens' arrest warrants. It states he was being stopped for an "equipment violation."

Hudgens said he had no interaction with law enforcement that Thursday until a deputy ran up behind him. He, Traci Fant and the tire shop owners claim deputies did not use blue lights. We are still waiting to hear from the sheriff's office if that is the case or not. "I'm not trying to resist, I just wanna know what's going on," Hudgens said.  

Community activist, Traci Fant, said while many say Zebbie did not comply, Fant said there was no opportunity presented to comply with officers. 

In the arrest warrant, deputies' notes state: 

"The defendant did willfully and actively resist arrest by turning and blading his body in a fighting stance and trying to push away the deputy engaged in the arrest process. The defendant looked back and saw the deputy telling him to stop. At this point, a reasonable person would infer that they were not free to leave."


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