GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - Months after the chief of Greenville PD asked for help investigating a missing file for a double murder in 1975, the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division says it's closed an investigation into the file with no criminal charges.

SLED told FOX Carolina that there was insufficient evidence to support criminal charges in the investigation into the file, which Greenville PD chief Ken Miller said was likely connected to the double homicide of Greenville County deputy Lt. Frank Looper and his father, Rufus Looper.

In December 2019, Miller told FOX Carolina the file contained a letter alleging someone other than initial suspect Charles Wakefield was responsible for shooting and killing the Loopers. He was prosecuted in 1976, but it was later appealed. He was released on parole in 2010.

The file folder is apparently missing from all investigator workstations, case files, and other file storage areas in GPD's section of the Law Enforcement Center.

Additionally, GPD says a firearm was given to a detective for evaluation in the case, now stored at the center.

Brad Willis, the creator and host of the "Murder, Etc." podcast, has taken an interest in the case. He chimed in on this latest development.

“After more than forty years of the community believing that Charles Wakefield Jr. was guilty of this crime, the chief of police of Greenville at the time said he saw something that could potentially exonerate him and the thing that he saw went missing. That in itself is news and will remain news as long as Charles Wakefield is alive." said Willis. “Whether it rose to the level of criminality, doesn’t stop the fact that something went wrong. That’s what’s frustrating about this. Even after SLED’s investigation, we still don’t know what happened.”


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