SPARTANBURG COUNTY, SC (FOX Carolina) A Spartanburg County mom maybe one step closer to getting justice for her daughter.

“I fell apart. I just cried and cried. I cried the entire afternoon because I thought, thank you God. Somebody is finally going to see everything that we have dealt with for the last four years,” Erika Spencer’s mom, Brenda Eason said.

20-year-old Erika Spencer was pregnant when she was killed in May 2015. The coroner ruled her death homicide by manual strangulation.

Four years later, no arrests have been made, but Erika’s family hopes that could soon change.

“Finally someone new is going to take over and see her case with new eyes,” Eason said.

Spencer’s mom said she got a call from Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright last week, informing her that her daughter’s case was being sent to SLED for further investigation.

“He said, Mr. Barnette and I have decided to send your daughter’s case to SLED,” Eason said, “They will go back over it with new eyes and hopefully they will find what it takes to convict somebody for killing my child.”

This development comes two months after the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office said Investigator Lorin Williams was fired for using false information to obtain a search warrant.  Now, the solicitor’s office is reviewing every case Williams has been part of, going back nearly 20 years.

Eason said Williams was originally on her daughter’s case.

Erika’s mom said she hopes she can finally get the answers she has prayed for.

“As a parent, I felt like I was letting her down if I didn’t keep fighting to figure out what happened to her and find out who killed her,” Eason said.

The solicitor’s office could not confirm the exact number of cases that will be reexamined, but said it’s a “substantial” amount that could take an extended amount of time to investigate.

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