Dower, right, was arrested and faces charges of trafficking marijuana (Source: Cherokee Co. Sheriff's Office)

COWPENS, SC (FOX Carolina) – Cherokee County Sheriff Steve Mueller announced Wednesday that a man had been arrested for trafficking marijuana after deputies found large quantity of marijuana and numerous edible marijuana products at a home on Crenshaw Road.

Click here to see a photo gallery of seized items.

“This bust should be a wake-up call to parents as the types of products on the market targeting our children with medical marijuana laced edible products,” Mueller said in the release.

The sheriff added, “it is very sad and reckless that some of our legislators in Columbia want to bring this poison to South Carolina and make it more accessible to our children and others.”

Mueller was upset that many of the items had warning labels, with statements like “for medical use only” and “product may impair your ability to drive and operate machinery.”

“The one warning label that disgusts me the most was ‘keep out of reach of children,” Mueller said. ‘Really? But then you market and package the marijuana products to look exactly like products that you and I as parents buy for children every day at local stores.

In total, deputies seized:

  • 44 glass jars of marijuana, weighing 15 pounds
  • Vacuum-sealed bag of marijuana
  • $7,965 in cash
  • 130 THC vape cartridges
  • 2 containers of edible marijuana-infused peanut butter
  • 51 packs of edible marijuana gummies
  • 12 boxes of edible marijuana Tootsie Rolls
  • 41 boxes of edible marijuana Nerds rope
  • 68 edible marijuana chocolate candy bars in various flavors
  • 8 Fruity Pebbles cereal bars
  • 25 Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal bars
  • 3 Honey Comb cereal bars
  • 1 Crunch Berry cereal bar
  • 70 edible marijuana truffles
  • 14 packs of edible marijuana cupcakes
  • 39 marijuana-laced Oreo cookies
  • 22 packs of marijuana wax
  • 2 packs of Shatter
  • 3 edible marijuana cough drops

“A child ingests these products and the parents will end up planning a funeral because the child died of an overdose,” Muller stated.

Mueller said Michael Lawrence Dower was arrested and charged with trafficking marijuana, more than ten pounds but less than 100 pounds. Dower may face additional charges when lab tests on the seized products are returned, Mueller said.

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(3) comments


The people making this should be charged. It is clear from the packaging that most of this is meant to be medicinal and not for the general user. The person who arranged this and the people who recieved it are taking from people who need it. As for it being dangerous, yes I do think it is when it is made to look like candy. Kids could get ahold of it and eat enough to hurt them severely. I don't think any kind of medicine should look or taste like candy. That includes gummy vitamins even though I have bought them. I stress that it is medicine and not candy and it is put where and adult would have to get it. It is issues like this bust that is making it harder to get medical weed approved in states like South Carolina for the ones it would benefit.


“A child ingests these products and the parents will end up planning a funeral because the child died of an overdose......"
-Uhhhh, you sure about that Cherokee County Sheriff Steve Mueller?
While I dont think its a brilliant idea to make THC edibles that resemble popular candy brands, they certainly aren't going to cause anyone to have an overdose.


a child could easily overdose and edibles like this if they had free access to it the same as they could od on gummy vitamins if they got hold of a large bottle.

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