Charles Wakefield Jr.

Charles Wakefield, Jr. after he was released from prison.

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) – A man who was convicted for the decades-old killings of a Greenville County deputy and his father has requested a new trial after new evidence has come to light in the case, according to court documents filed on October 30, 2020.

Charles Wakefield was initially convicted for murdering Greenville County narcotics Lieutenant Frank Looper and his father. The killing happened in 1975 and Wakefield was quickly tried and convicted.

Wakefield released this statement on Monday via his attorneys:

"SInce 1975, I have been trying to obtain justice for myself, Rufus and Frank Looper and their family, and for the person or persons who are responsible for the Looper murders and my lost freedom.  God knows that I am innocent and I pray that it is his will that the truth will be revealed while I am on this earth to see and feel true justice."

Wakefield’s lawyers state in their motion, that the murders “had all the signs of a professional killing” but was treated as a botched robbery. Both victims were shot in the head in a garage, with entry wounds just over their ears.

Wakefield was arrested on the same day and indicted ten months later, even though his attorneys said he passed a gunpowder test, a polygraph test, and a “truth serum” test.

Wakefield spent 35 years behind bars until he was granted parole.

The motion details several pieces of new evidence that have been discovered in the case in the years since Wakefield’s conviction, including a gun that may have been used in the killings, which attorneys claim was found in the home of a woman who testified against Wakefield in his initial trial.

The motion said a folder containing documents about the Looper case were found in the Greenville County Law Enforcement Center in 2018, which the lawyers said included love letters between a woman and the sheriff that the time of the killings, and a letter from the same woman to the chief at the time. The letter reportedly alleges that Wakefield was framed and that several corrupt deputies were behind the killings.

That folder containing those letters soon went missing from the Greenville Police Department and an investigation was launched into its disappearance. That folder and the letters therein have not been recovered.

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Wakefield’s lawyers state the new evidence changes the entire nature of the case and that it would have also changed the verdict in Wakefield’s trial had it been known at the time.

The judge has not yet issued a response to the motion for a new trial.

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Click here or scroll down to read the full motion calling for a new trial for Wakefield in the Looper murders case.

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