DAVENPORT, IA (WQAD) -- A mother of five was shot and killed at a Chuck E. Cheese in Davenport, Iowa Sunday evening.

Police were called to the scene and found Eloise Chairs, 29, unresponsive. She later died at the hospital.

Treshonda M. Pollion, 24, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. She is being held in jail without bond.

According to Chairs' family, they said she got into an argument with another mother at Chuck E. Cheese after her son's game card was taken by another child. The other mother's friend -- Pollion -- allegedly took out a gun and shot Chairs in the shoulder. The bullet hit a major artery, which caused her to bleed out and die. Chairs' sister Christena Chairs said Eloise's children witnessed their mother's shooting.

Chairs' family told News 8 that she was a loving mother of five children, including a four-week-old baby girl -- a child she was especially excited for, friends say, as her other children were all boys.

"Eloise always put her children first," Christena said. "Eloise was shot in front of her children, blood covering them all."

Another one of her sisters, Joy, said Eloise had a kind heart and a pure soul.

"She always wanted to help, even when she needed help of her own. She loved children, especially her own nieces and nephews," Joy said.

Another friend of Eloise's agreed. Garrolyn Vah told News 8 when she met Eloise, they instantly clicked. She described Eloise as an amazing person, hardworking mother, and an incredible friend.

"She was very charismatic, smart, funny and very caring to the people around her," she said. "How can someone be so cruel to the babies -- especially the newborn?"

Throughout the night, kids and parents were seen talking with police and rushing out of the Chuck E. Cheese.

"What about the kids. That's immediately the thought," said John DeTaeye. "The kids that were here for whatever reasons. Those sounds of gun shots will live on with those kids for the rest of their lives, and every time they pass this place they're gonna think of how awful that was."

DeTaeye is a member of the local group called Davenport Bearing Witness. On Monday morning, they met outside of the Chuck E. Cheese to pray together for the family, the children and bystanders present that night and all victims of gun violence.

"None of us knew anyone involved," he said. "But as a member of this community, we feel called to step up and reach out and put our arms around everyone around this shooting last night."

For now, the Davenport Chuck E. Cheese is temporarily closed.

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