GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) – An Upstate activist is calling for law enforcement agencies in South Carolina to adopt a statewide policy concerning police chases after the death of a one-year-old girl.

Imhotep Norman was charged with a list of offenses, including homicide by child abuse, after troopers said he led them on a chase and then abandoned his burning car to run off on foot, leaving a baby girl to die inside the car.

The coroner said one-year-old Xena Rah'Lah Norman was found dead in the back of the vehicle.

Brice Wilson, founder of Fighting Injustice, said he has been involved in at least six cases involving deaths after police chases in the past few years. He believes police chases are likely responsible for more deaths in the state than texting while driving.

 “I think it’s time to stop that,” Wilson said during a news conference on Monday.

He said each law enforcement agency has their own individual chase protocols, and Wilson believes there should be a “statewide standard policy on police chases.”

He argues that policy should ban chasing speeders, who Wilson said are non-violent offenders.

 “We have to make sure these chases don’t jeopardize the public and put innocent lives at risk,” Wilson said.

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what would be really cool is if a certain ethnic group would just obey the law . it is truly amazing that 13% of the population at large commits over half of the violent crimes in the usa .

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