Allergists, CDC say asthma sufferers should have Asthma Action Plan regarding Coronavirus

Doctors with the Allergic Disease & Asthma Center say patients should have an Asthma Action Plan regarding the Coronavirus, which includes medicine. (Provided By: Allergic Disease & Asthma Center)

GREENVILLE COUNTY, SC (FOX Carolina) During a FaceTime interview with Jeanette Jewsbury, she talked about getting an unexpected diagnosis.

“It was getting hard to just walk up the stairs or just do minor stuff around the house," Jewsbury said.

She thought pollen triggered an asthma flare-up so she took some medicine.

“I had been using my breathing treatments, I have a nebulizer," she said.

However, after several more treatments she didn't feel better and had an asthma attack.

“I kept getting tighter and tighter in my chest and I was wheezing so bad," she said.

Medical providers asked her about any trips she may have taken. She mentioned her son just returned from Los Angeles, so doctors wanted to test her for the Coronavirus.

“They called me and told me that I tested positive," she said.

Recently doctors with the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention released an Asthma Action Plan regarding the Coronavirus.

“Asthma sufferers, once they get it will get very, very sick," Dr. Emmanuel Sarmiento said.“The reason being Coronavirus is lung-specific. So, they attack the respiratory track.”

Sarmiento is an allergist with the Allergic Disease & Asthma Center in Greenville County.

“They (asthma sufferers) have hyper-reactive, hyper-sensitive lungs," Sarmiento said.

He says those who have asthma should make sure their asthma is under control.

“Talk to your physician, your primary care doctor or your asthma specialist to have asthma attack plan," he said.

Also, Sarmiento says have at least a 30-day supply of medicine and avoid triggers.

“Make sure that you know how to use your inhaler properly, you know how to use the medication," Sarmiento said.“It’s pollen allergy season, plus the fact that Coronavirus is spreading around - stay at home.”

Jewsbury is now quarantined for 14 days and says it's important to pay attention to symptons and others who are around.

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