The sun is out and spring is just weeks ago, but the budding blooms brought Jeanie Gottrich to the Allergic Disease and Asthma Center in Greenville.

"Suddenly everything is coming to life again - it's great to see pinks and yellows out there, not just green," Gottrich said. "I get shots every five weeks, sometimes even sooner."

She's a sinus sufferer and gets relief by getting allergy shots.

"Before I started shots, I couldn't even taste my food. My sinuses were so clogged. But, now I can enjoy a meal," she said.

And allergists say when those leaves sprout, so do appointments. They say they usually see an increase in calls during the end of February.

"Those people that are suffering from sneezing, itchy-watery eyes, coughing, wheezing, that's from the tree pollen," Dr. Emmanuel Sarmiento said.

He's an allergist and says other symptoms include headaches and congestion.

"Take a big breath for me," he told Gottrich as he listened to her lungs.

Sarmiento says mold spores and other allergens pop up during fall and spring. He says severe allergy sufferers shouldn't hang around outside, especially during morning hours.

"For people who like to run outdoors or do some outdoor stuff, try to postpone it later in the day," Sarmiento said.

There are medicines like nasal sprays, antihistamine, steroids or allergy shots, and Sarmiento says vaccines seem to work best.

"When they give it to people and it builds up their immunity against what they're allergic to," he said.

And that's how Gottrich is able to take Spring all in.

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