Foreclosure filed against serial killer for land where woman chained by neck, graves found

Kala Brown and Charlie Carver (Source: Family)

Anderson police Chief Jim Stewart said the Anderson Police Department cannot yet release case files related to the kidnapping of Kala Brown and the killing of her boyfriend Charlie Carver because the files may contain information that may link other people to that crime or others.

Currently, only one man, accused serial killer Todd Kohlhepp, has been charged in the case and investigators have not heretofore mentioned any possibility of additional suspects.

Spartanburg County deputies charged Kohlhepp, a Moore real estate agent, with kidnapping and murder in the case after they found the missing Anderson woman being kept chained in a storage container and Carver’s remains buried on a large piece of land Kohlhepp owns in Woodruff.

Kohlhepp is also charged with murder in the deaths of Meagan and Johnny Coxie, whose bodies were also found buried on the Woodruff property, and the four deaths in the 2003 Superbike case, which had remained unsolved until Kohlhepp confessed to the deadly shootings after being arrested.

Stewart denied a Freedom of Information Act request from several media outlets, citing a statute that allows officials not to prematurely disclose law enforcement records that “would harm the agency in a prospective law enforcement action, disclose the identity of an informant, or disclosing investigatory techniques not otherwise known outside the government,” per the SC law code.

Stewart said the warrants and investigative reports related to their involvement in Brown and Carver’s disappearances may harm the investigation if released at this time.

Stewart offered this elaboration via e-mail on Monday:“They are a part of an active murder and kidnapping investigation through Spartanburg County. Information in the records that detectives have obtained show possible links to other individuals that might have been involved in these and other crimes.”Carver's estranged wife was also charged in the case. Investigators said Nichole Carver impersonated a police officer to try and access information during the two month investigation into Brown and Charlie Carver's disappearance.


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