ANDERSON, SC (FOX Carolina) - A City of Anderson Police Officer is being praised tonight for saving a baby who had stopped breathing around 2 am Thursday morning. 

The officer was there in about two minutes and now 3 month old Patricia is all good and her family couldn't be more grateful.

Everyone is so thankful for Officer Patrick Michael Wagner being there at the right moment.

Patricia's mom Makayla Robinson says she was drawn to her daughter after a concerning noise - only to find her blue and she later turned purple.

"I was freaking out at that point, but he was so calm," says Robinson.

Calm was the opposite of what the moment was when she was forced to hand 3 month old Patricia to Officer Wagner.

"You know you start thinking about your own children and how you would want someone there as quick as possible to help them. It was just a thunderstorm of thoughts going," says Ofc. Wagner.

Patricia with her grandfather and brother

Patricia with her grandfather and brother

Within a few moments of Officer Wagner patting her back over his knee, she spit up and her cheeks were rosey again and everyone was relieved.

Robinson says, "I am very thankful. He was like a guardian angel and like I said, there was not enough thanks in this world that I could give him."

"Any one of us behind this door would have done the same thing. I just happen to be the one and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to be that one for Patricia. I don’t consider myself a hero," Ofc. Wagner believes.

Many beg to differ- and the family thanked him with a picture to mark a moment that changed his career.

Ofc. Wagner says, "It makes you remember why you started doing this in the first place."

"If it wasn’t for him, I don’t think my child would have made it," believes Robinson.

They determined it was acid reflux.

Patricia's mom says that she sleeps better knowing that Officers like Patrick Wagner serving their community and are only one phone call away.

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