Anderson County Sheriffs seize nearly $4 million in drugs in 2017

Lt. Ross Brown holds evidence collected during 2017

Lt. Ross Brown with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Division says it’s tricky to catch drug traffickers. Brown says they’re always coming up with creative ways to hide drugs.

"I've often joked if a lot of these traffickers would apply their talents in a legal manner,” explained Lt. Brown. “They would be extremely successful."

But according to the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, Lt. Brown's division made nearly 800 arrests and outsmarted many of those traffickers, all while seizing $4 million worth of drugs.

"I'm a little bit sad because it lets you know what kind of a problem we have here,” he said.

Lt. Brown says during 2017, that problem amounted to nearly 20 lbs of meth, 90 lbs of marijuana and an array of heroin and cocaine seizures.

They also took in more than 40 firearms and a quarter of a million dollars.

"It is evolving and changes over time,” explained Lt. Brown. “For the most part, especially the last several years, methamphetamines have been a predominant problem."

His team consists of about 20 narcotics investigators. They were able to serve more 1,500 warrants through traffic stops, investigations and intercepting drugs shipped through the mail. Winning the war on drugs in Anderson County was one of Sheriff Chad McBride’s biggest goals since taking over office.

"We certainly added a lot more people in narcotics. With that man power and more boots on the ground, especially in narcotics,” described Sheriff McBride. “They've been very successful."

Sheriff McBride says it will continue to be a focal point as marijuana and prescription pills are becoming more frequent for his deputies. Lt. Brown says he’s proud of his team, but knows there is plenty of work to be done.

"The general public will never know the amount of hours these guys spent away from their families,” he said. “The amount of hard work they put it in, in dangerous environments."

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