Assisted living center seeking baby dolls for therapy

Resident at Oakview Park Assisted Living holds baby doll

Greenville, SC (FOX Carolina) - A local assisted living center is putting Baby Doll Therapy to the test. Caregivers say it’s an inexpensive, drug-free treatment with no side-effects that can help seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The simple premise is to introduce a realistic baby doll to a person with memory loss and see how that person reacts. Halcyon Hospice and Oakview Park Assisted Living, the organizers of a current baby doll drive hope their efforts will work to bring joy to assisted living residents and new success stories.

In the memory care unit at Oakview Park, there are already a few residents holding lifelike bundles of joy for stress relief and comfort. In many cases, these babies seem to transport senior back to a time when they felt most needed, capable and useful. 

Tracy Pollard, Executive Director of Oakview Park says hopes the baby doll presentation on Friday afternoon will fill a need for seniors who remember their lives as loving caretakers. She says, “They look for someone or something to take care of and I think with these baby dolls it helps them a lot to make themselves feel useful and feel like they’re doing something for someone they haven’t done in a long time.”

Baby dolls will be presented to residents at Oakview Park Friday at 3:30pm. The dolls will be taken out of their boxes and wrapped in blankets so it feels like a real nursery experience. To help out, bring a new baby doll to Oakview Park, located at 110 Hood Drive in Greenville prior to the event. Or drop off a doll at Halcyon Hospice at 5 Century Drive in Greenville for future baby doll drives that are in the works. Organizers would also appreciate crocheted or knitted blankets for the dolls.

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