GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) - Allie Van Dyke with The Blood Connection in Greenville says now more than ever, plasma is precious.

“Unfortunately as we see COVID-19 cases go up, especially here in the upstate, it was going to be more of a demand for this product,“ she told Fox Carolina.

That’s why they need donations.

“Our medical director always says it’s not a magic bullet, but it really is one of the ways doctors are treating people right now,“ Van Dyke said. “You can donate 14 days after your symptoms have ended and you had COVID-19.”

Anyone who has had a positive COVID-19 test, and now also a positive antibody test, can donate. Medical professional say, especially since March, the positive benefits of convalescent plasma and generating life-saving antibodies are well documented.

“The reason this is so important is because we don’t want to get to the point where doctors have to choose who this is going to,” Van Dyke said. “If they ask for it, we want to be able to provide it.”

“It was unfortunate that I got it,“ added Charlie Mayfield, a regular donor at the blood connection and principal at local JL Mann high school. “I really didn’t have the most severe case or have to go to the hospital. But it’s a blessing that I can give back now.”

Mayfield tested positive for COVID-19 in March and has donated his plasma three times since his recovery. He has another appointment scheduled in the coming week to help give more life-saving antibodies to critically ill patients who need them the most.

“It’s almost like you have this super power, and you can share it, and it actually heals people and can save their lives,” Mayfield said.

All you need is proof of your positive test, or positive antibody test, and your recovery could be shared by someone else on the brink.

VanDyke stress is the need to access the blood connections website, or called her phone number 864-239-2937 if you are thinking about coming into donate plasma. If you don’t check in ahead of time they may not be able to accept you when you arrive for safety reasons, and she says they want to get you in as soon as they possibly can.

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