Could you and your friends escape a kidnapper or an erupting volcano in less than an hour?

A new team game coming to the Upstate challenges participants to test their ability to solve puzzles, riddles and codes in order to escape a room.

Breakout Games is growing in popularity and has already spread to six states including Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama. South Carolina will soon be added to the list with a location in Greenville, although the exact spot has not yet been announced.

Scenarios include "The Museum Heist," where players must recover a stolen painting and escape the room to make it to the art gallery before it opens, and "Casino Royale", which challenges teams to track down a secret agent who disappeared while investigating organized crime.

Breakout Games boasts that the most intense escape adventure is "The Kidnapping", a game where the team wakes up handcuffed in a strange room and must escape using clues left behind by another victim.

Cameras are used by game masters to monitor players' progress and provide clues if a team gets stuck.

Claustrophobic? Don't worry, Breakout Games said safety is the top priority and you have the option to leave the escape room at any time.

In other cities Breakout Games tickets cost approximately $25 per person. Prices, location and opening date have not yet been announced for Breakout Greenville.

For more information, visit the Breakout Greenville website.

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