CDC: Drug-resistant Gonorrhea an urgent public health issue

CDC working on antibiotic for Super Gonorrhea. (FOX Carolina/ April 9, 2018).

When Quinton Ellison goes to work, he has a mission. His goal is to educate and inform clients abut sexually transmitted diseases in the Upstate.

"Our biggest thing is promotion and prevention," Ellison said. "There's a lot of misinformation about how STDs are transmitted."

He's the prevention coordinator at AID Upstate,but an HIV/AIDS test isn't the only screening they do.

"With Gonorrhea and Chlamydia screenings that we perform, you're actually getting screened for both of those," Ellison said. "We probably see the most Gonorrhea and Chlamydia that come back as positive."

Doctors are calling Gonorrhea the smart bug but one you don't want to bitten by. It's called Super Gonorrhea and right now there aren't any antibiotics used to cure Gonorrhea used to cure Super Gonorrhea that work on the new strain.

"The first strain was noticed in 2011 that it was beginning to become resistant," said Dr. Kimberly Holloway, a gynecologist with Vida Gynecology in Greenville. "We've learned now that we're down to very few antibiotics that can treat it."

Doctors say a man in the U.K. has the worst case ever of Gonorrhea and there is concern the disease could soon spread to America. Researchers and doctors with the CDC say it's one of the most significant global health threats right now.

"They're trying to keep those cases as isolated as possible," Holloways said. "There's less access to healthcare - that's where a lot of these strains begin to mutate.'

Holloway says women and men should be tested for all STDs and it's what Ellison also promotes.

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