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(FOX Carolina) -- Planned Electrical Outage on June 1st at 11 PM for Transformer Maintenance, city officials say:

On Saturday evening June 1st at 11 PM three transformers serving the “low voltage” portion of the City’s system will be taken off-line for servicing. The firm performing this work is coming from out of Town and we are seeking to have the entire low voltage transformer bank serviced during what could be a 4 to 6 hour operation lasting into the early hours of Sunday morning, June 2nd.

They will try to make the outage as brief as possible. Servicing this bank of 4400 kV transformers is necessary to maintain the reliability of this section, known as Circuit 3, of our electrical distribution system.

Many of you know our, City of Westminster, stated goal is to eliminate this low voltage portion of our system and go to the higher 7200 kV for more efficiency.

The June 1st outage will affect the following streets in Westminster:

  • Shannon Forest Cir
  • Bryon St
  • Thrift St
  • Pritchard Dr.
  • Park Av
  • Crooked St
  • W. Windsor St
  • Abby St
  • S. Isundega
  • Mimosa Rd
  • Pump House Rd
  • Augusta St
  • Leathers Av
  • Rhyne St
  • Retreat St
  • Dr. John's Rd
  • Lucky St
  • Butler St
  • Mc Davie St
  • Johnson St
  • E. North Av
  • N. Isundega St.
  • Earl Holcomb Dr.
  • Willow Row
  • Grey St
  • College St
  • Anderson Av
  • Broad St
  • Pruitt Dr.
  • Spring St
  • N. Hampton St
  • Pine St
  • Piedmont St
  • A St
  • B St
  • Peak View St
  • D St
  • S. Spring St
  • Dickson St
  • Riley St
  • James St
  • W. Pickens St
  • Oak St
  • James St
  • Woods St
  • Martin St
  • Harris St
  • Cedar St
  • W. Oak Hwy
  • S. Hampton St
  • Hill St
  • N. Pew St
  • S. Pew St
  • Louise St
  • Morehead Dr.
  • Brock Rd
  • N. Bibb St
  • S. Bibb St

Only portions of these streets may be affected. If you have questions regarding this please contact City Hall at 647-3200.

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