Clemson University’s student government voted not to impeach their student vice president early Tuesday morning after a hearing that lasted through the night.

Senate President Leland Dunwoodie presided over the hearings against Jaren Stewart.

The student government drama has made national headlines in recent weeks after Student Vice President Jaren Stewart was one of the student government members who protested against racial tensions by sitting during the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in student government meetings, per The State.

Dunwoodie said the impeachment and the charges brought up against Stewart were not related to his protest.

“As Senate President, it is my role to remain impartial during impeachment proceedings,” Dunwoodie stated via e-mail. “Senator Hoffman indicated that the charges he brought forth were not related to Vice President Stewart's protest. I fully support Vice President Stewart's right to protest.”

According to The State newspaper, Senator Miller Hoffman began pushing for an impeachment trial after an incident report dated from April 2017 claimed Stewart would “’take, food, cleaning supplies and their vacuum,’” and mentioned that Stewart would leave the room “’covered in sweat, dirt and grass’” after his rugby matches.

Hoffman twice entered motions for an impeachment trial. The first motion failed but the second motion passed.

The trial began Monday evening in a closed session. 65 student senate members had the opportunity to speak about the impeachment and the hearing lasted through the night and into the morning hours on Tuesday.

The student government body began voting by secret ballot around 5:45 a.m. Tuesday.

44 votes were needed to impeach Stewart. Dunwoodie recused himself from voting.

Just before 6 a.m. Dunwoodie announced that the votes had been tallied and Stewart would not be impeached. Only 42 votes were in favor of impeachment.

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