Community rallies for elderly woman in need of firewood during cold

Wilma Jones, 84, smiles in front of huge pile of donated firewood. Now, she can stay warm through the winter (FOX Carolina)

Wilma Jones, 84, will be warm this winter thanks to the good folks in Chesnee who chipped in to help her.

The Chesnee resident said she was running out of logs to burn in her old-fashioned wood heater, and she had no money to buy more.

"I have been praying for this," said Jones. "It is an answer to a prayer. It's really been hard to get wood because it costs so much, and I don't have much left. I've tried getting my social security check. I just take it day by day and trust God."

Jones said God came through in the kindness of some local firefighters.

"We got a call to the fire department from an agency saying there was an elderly lady who was low on firewood," said Matthew Scruggs, officer at Chesnee Community Fire Department. "She didn't think she was gonna make it through the weekend, or even through the winter. We threw it up on Facebook and it went from there."

The fire department's Facebook page had this message on it:"We have an elderly woman in our fire district that desperately needs some firewood and she cannot afford any. Her only heating source is a fire place. We have seen how our area has came together for two state's in need in the last three weeks. Now we have a need in our area. Let's make this happen! Please message or PM us if you can help. We need to make this happen tomorrow or Thursday because cold weather is heading our way! Thanks?."

"It went like wildfire, then the phone started going off. People started delivering firewood here," said Scruggs.

Jones said she could not believe the amount of wood delivered to her house.

"I tell you, God is good. He really is," said Jones.

Chesnee Fire Department said they are still taking firewood donations for Jones and others in need. Donors can drop wood off at 5854 Chesnee Highway.

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