Gardner family photo

The Garnders hope they can raise awareness about ICP. (Family photo/ February 14, 2019)

GAFFNEY, SC (FOX Carolina) - After nearly 10 years together, Allison and Brandon Gardner could not wait to be parents. The couple had a miscarriage a few years ago. Then they became pregnant again last year.

This is something we both want more than anything in this world, is to be parents,” said Allison.

The pregnancy was going smoothly. The soon-to-be parents were going through the motions of making announcements.

"I remember taking those pictures and how excited we were and all the fun announcements we did with our family,” described Allison, “We were thrilled to death and thinking about the future."

Allison began having strange symptoms around 30 weeks into her pregnancy. She began experiencing intense itching throughout her body.

"It was keeping me up all night,” she explained, “I'd be up hours upon hours scratching and itching. I had open sores on my legs."

It’s one of the most obvious signs of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy, commonly referred to as ICP. It’s a liver condition that can be deadly for an unborn child in some cases.

Unfortunately for the Gardner parents, Judd Gardner passed away October 27th.

"We have to find a purpose in our life and be able to move on,” explained Allison.

The Gardners wanted to make a difference and raise awareness for ICP. Brandon's former high school baseball coach, Jeff Osment and the Gardners came up with an idea.

"I've known Brandon forever,” said Osment, “He played for us in the program for 6 years. He helped me coach after he finished at Newberry. I just thought we had to do something."

The Gaffney High Indians will wear hats this season with the initials JWG stitched on the back, which stand for Judd William Gardner. Fans can also buy orange Indians shirts. All proceeds will go to ICP research and a 5K run dedicated to Judd's life.

"It means something to us and I hope it helps in some way,” said Osment.

For more information on fundraising efforts click here.

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