Deputies search for suspect after 5 cars broken in to on one Upstate street


Anderson County deputies say five cars on one street in Pelzer were broken into early Monday morning just after 4 a.m.

Deputies say the suspect got away, but not before a neighbor who actually turned out to be a victim in this case, saw what he was doing through her window.

That neighbor was Kaitlyn Pepper, and she tells FOX Carolina she was able to catch the tail end of the suspect in the act as he rummaged through the 5th car. She also got a glimpse at his clothes and his get away vehicle.

Pepper, who owns one of the five cars that were broken in to, says it all happened while she slept.

"I was in the bed and actually I have a big dog over here and a little dog inside and they both were barking inside."

She explains her dogs don't usually bark at night so when they did she got up to look out the window, and that's when she saw a man going through one of their cars.

"I saw a guy on a moped a black or blue moped and he had a big black jacket on and I believe he was a white male", Kaitlyn continued. "I had to sit there and think 'should I wake up my roommate or not?' He was actually in the bed so I did go wake him up and he checked all the cars for us, and they were all - you know, everything scattered everywhere."

Pepper tells us there was no physical damage to the cars, but you could definitely tell someone had been in them

"All of the papers out of the dash were in the seats and just stuff scattered everywhere in the cars," Pepper described.

Anderson County deputies took fingerprints off of one of the cars, but what puzzled them most was finding out what exactly was taken.

Pepper tells us, "There was a battery here on the porch and he came up and took it. He got a registration out of the red car and a bottle of Curve (cologne) out of the white car."

She says it's nothing that can't be replaced, but wants this guy off the streets so their community can feel safe again.

Anyone with any information on who the suspect may be is asked to call the Anderson County Sheriffs Office.

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