DHEC fines Greenville abortion clinic accused of transferring infectious waste at QuikTrip

Greenville Women's Clinic (FOX Carolina 9/11/2015)

The Department of Health and Environmental Control said the Greenville Women's Clinic has been ordered to pay a $19,000 fine for violation of waste management regulations.

According to the Greenville Women's Clinic website, the facility on Grove Road provides a "comprehensive range of women's health care services to women including medical abortion... and surgical abortion."

DHEC said the clinic reported on its registration file that it generates between 50 to 999 pounds of infectious waste in a month, which is considered to be a large quantity.

DHEC received a complaint in December 2017 alleging that on several dates, the clinic transported containers of infectious waste to the QuikTrip gas station on Grove Road to be transferred to Stericycle, a registered waste transporter.

The gas station is not a permitted transfer location for infectious waste, DHEC said.

The complaint alleges that boxes marked "biohazard" were brought to QuikTrip by representatives of the Greenville Women's Clinic and loaded onto Stericycle transport vehicles.

The complaint was submitted by a source who asked to remain anonymous.

DHEC summoned clinic officials for a conference regarding the alleged complaint on Mar. 22, but an attorney for the clinic responded saying they would be unable to attend.

In the response, the attorney for Greenville Women's Clinic said the clinic doesn't deny the allegations.

However, the attorney said Stericycle is sometimes unable to reach the clinic due to protesters and the waste company suggested meeting at the QuikTrip to exchange properly-packaged material.

The document states that the amount of waste transferred during the incidents would constitute small waste.

In May, a consent order was signed stating that Stericycle has to pay a civil penalty of $9,500 for violating waste regulations.

An administrative order signed on Wednesday orders the Greenville Women's Clinic to pay $19,000 for the violations. The clinic has the right to appeal the order if they choose.

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