On Monday, the man accused of helping serial killer Todd Kohlhepp acquire some of his guns bonded out of the Anderson County jail.

Dustan Lawson was indicted on 36 federal charges. The accusations include making false statements to the stores where he purchased the guns and knowingly transferring the guns to Kohlhepp, a felon who was not allowed to legally own a firearm.

Kohlhepp’s conviction for kidnapping a 14-year-old girl in Arizona in 1986 prevented him from legally owning a firearm.

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According to documents obtained by FOX Carolina in June under a Freedom of Information Act request, investigators along with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms spoke with Lawson early in their investigation into Kohlhepp.

Notes from investigators indicate in an interview with Lawson, the suspect told them he heard Kohlhepp admit to the quadruple homicide at Superbike Motorsports, but that "it was hard to tell what was the truth and what was not with Kohlhepp because he told such wild stories."

An attorney for Lawson also told investigators at some point, Kohlhepp had talked about luring a woman and her boyfriend to his property because "he wanted to keep her as his sex slave," the document states.

The indictment lists several guns that were allegedly purchased by Lawson at various stores and then transferred to Kohlhepp, who was identified in the indictment as “T.K.”

The guns include a FII .40 caliber handgun, a Sig Sauer 7.62 rifle, Barrett 82A1 .50 caliber rifle, Glock .45 caliber handgun, Glock .40 caliber handgun, Glock 9mm handgun, Sig Sauer 5.56 rifle, Sig Sauer .45 caliber handgun, PTR .308 rifle, Sig Sauer 9mm handgun, and Ruger 308 handgun, along with multiple Advanced Armament Corp. firearm silencers.

Lawson was issued a $30,000 bond on the charges. He was appointed a public defender.

On Monday, the attorney for Lawson filed a motion to have his bond reduced to $17,200, which is the estimated value of his mother's property. The motion said Lawson's mother is willing to post her property for surety bond.

In taped interviews with investigators, Kohlhepp is recorded on video saying Lawson helped him purchase the guns but Kohlhepp "modified the hell out of them." Kohlhepp said none of the guns purchased by Lawson were obtained illegally and that he had receipts for some of them.

Kohlhepp is currently serving life in prison after pleading guilty to seven murders in Spartanburg County and kidnapping Kala Brown, who deputies found chained in a shipping container on Kohlhepp’s Woodruff property in 2016.

Brown's boyfriend, Charlie Carver, was slain by Kohlhepp on his Woodruff property, along with missing couple Meagan and Johnny Coxie. Kohlhepp also admitted to killing four victims at Superbike in 2003: Beverly Guy, Chris Sherbert, Brian Lucas and Scott Ponder.

Carver's father, Chuck Carver, and Lorraine Lucas, the mother of Brian Lucas, attended the hearing for Lawson.

"I just wanted to asking him, what were you thinking?" Chuck Carver said. "It's just one of those things where... I don't know. You don't know why people do what they do."

Carver said he knew the gun charges would be coming but he didn't know the magnitude of the accusation until he saw the indictment.

"I want to know which gun was used against my son and is that going to tie into this case as well," Carver said.

Lawson returned to court on Thursday and the judge denied the motion for a bond reduction. The bond will remain at $30,000.

On Monday, according to online court documents, a document was filed indicating Lawson was released on bond.

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