GREENVILLE COUNTY, SC (FOX Carolina) The highly contagious Coronavirus shut-down businesses and made social distancing a household phrase.

“The less patient exposure and contact the better for all of us,” Dr. Christian Montagano said.

That’s why he and other doctors support checkups through virtual visits.

“Patients who are potentially ill, or not sure if they should come in- this is something where we can talk face-to face with the patients,” Montagano said.

He’s a physician at Emergency MD in Greenville County. During a demonstration he showed FOX Carolina how the telemedicine system with virtual visits work.

“We send them an email link and once they join that link on their iPhone, iPad, desktop computer, and they can join us in a video conference,” he said.

Montagano starts with asking a mock-patient about travel and a fever.

Patient: “The temperature was 100 degrees.”

The patient tells him she has a cough and some chills.

Montagano: “How many days have the symptoms been going on?

Patient: “Three days.”

Montagano: “So you’re not diabetic,  heart disease, renal issues?”

Patient: “No, just asthmatic.”

Based on this scenario and because of an underlying lung disease, Montagano thinks the patient needs a COVID-19 test. However, he has some information for those who are screened but don’t need a test.

“We can follow them or monitor them on a day-today basis and decide if they’re good being quarantined at home with supportive measures like Tylenol, and fluids,” Montagano said.

He says the virtual visits also allow them to see if patients look sick in addition to those common symptoms.

“Specifically if they’re short of breath, if they look like they have labored breathing,” he said.

He hopes more patients book an appointment for a virtual visit with a doctor without going into an office.

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