Uber says it will offer rides only in electric vehicles in US, Europe by 2030

An Uber driver plugs a charging cable into an electric vehicle on Friday, Jan. 13, 2017.

CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX Carolina) - Duke Energy announced a new pledge on Wednesday to convert most of its current 10,000-vehicle fleet to electric or another zero-carbon alternative in just 10 years.

Duke Energy said by 2030, they will be converting 100 percent of its light-duty vehicles to electric and 50 percent of its combined fleet of medium-duty, heavy-duty and off-road vehicles to EVs, plug-in hybrids or other zero-carbon alternatives.

The company also said this change will reduce CO2 emissions by 60,000 metric tons and petroleum usage by 10 million gallons annually.

“We’ve set a bold vision to achieve net-zero carbon emissions from electric generation by 2050. But beyond how we generate power, we’re looking at other ways to transform our business to reduce emissions,” said Lynn Good, chair, president and CEO. “Electric vehicles are an important part of that strategy. With our new pledge, we’re committed to transitioning our fleet and spurring adoption within our communities.”

Duke Energy said benefits of EVs include reduced emissions, better performance, less noise and fewer expenses.

With approximately 600 electric vehicles (EVs) already in its fleet, the utility says it will continue to pursue electrification as more electric vehicle options become available.

For more information on Duke Energy’s comprehensive climate strategy, click here.

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