A shopper found a love letter written almost a decade ago folded up inside a new wallet she bought at the Hamricks in Easley this month.

That shopper was Shirley Fox, and when she first bought the wallet, she had no idea the story she would find inside.

After sitting on her kitchen table for 2 weeks she decided she'd move the items from her old wallet into the new one she just bought.

However, the moment she opened it, she found something tucked in one of the pockets.

Shirley tells us, "Something else was sticking up down here, and so I just pulled it out and it was the letter folded up. This was with it, a 2 dollar bill."

She bought the wallet from with the tags still on it. Which made them wonder how the letter got in there in the first place.The only thing they could think was it was once returned.

"Maybe somebody had purchased it, and then got home and started putting their stuff in it and then maybe just decided they didn't like it and just over looked the letter", Shirley says.

The letter, tattered and torn, is dated October 16th 2008, written at 12:30 pm.She could tell it had been folded for awhile from the hole torn right in the center, but once she started reading she realized it was timeless.

"The way it talks I'm not sure if they were planning a wedding, because he had his ring and he was telling her that his ring fits fine." Shirley read from the letter, "It also says I have hope that our marriage will go great baby, I promise the Lord will see us through."

Sitting at her kitchen table reading the letter, Shirley got emotional hoping to reunite the letter with the owner soon.

She tells us while in tears, "If someone has kept it for nearly 10 years it meant something to them. If it was me it would have."

Shirley's daughter, Beverly Peck put a post on Facebook about the letter on Thursday.

They're asking the owner to contact them personally by inboxing Beverly Peck on Facebook.

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