SC thinks about election security as polls open

Donald Trump claimed the election is "rigged" against him

Chip Felkel is the CEO of the Felkel Group. His group is dedicated to helping those in the political world with media relations, crisis management and business development.

He says this year's presidential election results, Donald Trump being elected as the next Commander in Chief, probably shocked nearly everyone.

"I think a lot people may have voted as much against her as they did for him,” explained Felkel, “They were willing to give him, "let's try something different, let's try a new approach because they clearly don't feel like they're getting a truly represented form of government with what we've been doing."

As he followed both campaigns, Felkel says he noticed one big difference between Trump crowds and Clinton crowds; energy. Regardless if some of Trump's crowds have been labeled violent.

"Those enthusiastic about him,” explained Felkel, “Vastly outweigh the enthusiasm for Clinton in terms of the electoral."

It may have been that enthusiasm that drew more people to Greenville county polls. Conway Belangia, Greenville County's director of Elections and Voter Registration says the enthusiasm may have translated into historic voter numbers. With Greenville county residents voting for Trump.

"That's about 30,000 more than we ever have,” said Belangia, “That broke a record. Percentage wise, we've had some better percentage turnouts."

Felkel believes those supporting Trump we're fed up with other politicians ears being tuned into everyone else but one large population,” said Belangia.

Felkel says regardless of who you voted for, “this is a seminal moment in Americans politics."

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