Fall back: Spartanburg Regional shares tips on navigating upcoming time change


Officials with Spartanburg Regional Healthcare have shared tips on how to navigate the time change this weekend.

The hospital shared a list of pointers to help get better sleep: make sleep a priority dark, quiet, cool room turn off all bright lights and electronics because they can affect your circadian rhythm avoid caffeine after 2 p.m. make environment as comfortable as possible for you if you need a light of some sort, make it a very dim, low light so it won't disrupt your circadian rhythmWhile the extra hour is usually great for people, hospital staff said it can also be disruptive for others because it changes your circadian rhythm.

Officials shared the following tips for making the most of the extra hour: get plenty of daylight time the week before try not to drink so much caffeine exercise, but not within an hour of bedtime enjoy the extra sleep!The hospital said that if you do wake up, make the extra hour a productive period of time. While the changes in weather can also affect your circadian rhythm, they also suggested going for a walk during that extra hour of time.

And if you ever needed a real reason to stay in bed and catch some extra shut eye, hospital officials also say "short sleepers" tend to die first and are less productive.

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