Greenville Co. Schools approve proposed budget; includes tax increase, teacher raises, heightened security

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We are making sure you know exactly what to do when storms move through. And that you, and your family, have a plan in place ahead of time.

You want to make sure you are at the lowest level of your home, find a room or closet in your house without any windows, and put as many walls as you can between you and the outside. A bathroom or hallway is a good place to go.

Those we spoke with stressed, don't wait until the last minute to get to safety.

In fact they say make your plan and practice it in advance, especially with your family. We spoke with the Red Cross, who tells us, pay attention to media updates on the weather, and get to a safe place long before the storm hits.

If you live in a mobile home, you don't want to be there during severe weather. Make plans ahead of time to somewhere safe, like a building with sturdy walls.

And the Greenville Fire Department tells us, if you're in your car when the weather hits, find a place with more protection, like a gas station or store.

We also stopped by the Greenville County School District offices to make sure parents can be assured, their kids will be well taken care of in a storm.

Beth Brotherton is the Director of Communications at Greenville County Schools and tells us, “If there is a tornado warning they know what it means to shelter in place they put their little backs against the walls in the hallway.”

And if severe weather strikes while parents are trying to pick up their kids, they will be welcome inside the school. Also, if parents want to come pick their kids up ahead of the bad weather, they will have that option.

Brotherton says, “At this point it’s we are not planning to dismiss early, we are looking to a normal school day tomorrow. If parents have deep concerns based on the weather forecast and would prefer to have their children at home, they are allowed to either keep them at home during the day or send them for awhile and come get them for early dismissal.”

Also, don't forget the FOX Carolina app, which will alert you to any watches and warnings in the area you currently are. We also have the latest forecast and weather information from our weather team there as well.

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