Family holds special funeral procession for GA man killed after truck collapses on him


A procession from Greenville County to Georgia was led by a custom truck built for a man who would want nothing else as his last funeral ride.

Twenty-two-year-old Stephen Battaglia from Calhoun Falls, SC was an employee at Peterbilt in Greenville for 3 years.

His family tells us he tragically passed away last week at his home. They said he was working on his truck when the jacks holding his truck up slipped out and collapsed on his chest.

Following his funeral today, his family and friends held a special cookout to remember him.

His family tells us Stephen was known as "Stevo" or "Boo Boo" to many of his friends and family, and they said today was all about celebrating his life and everything he loved: trucks, food, friends, and family.

Karen Smith, the Human Resources Manager at Pete Store, says Stephen was one of their best employees.

"Stephen was a ray of sunshine at our store," said Smith. "So positive and he will be missed by everyone."

His aunt Jessica Fortson said he was a lover of all things trucks.

"He was always working on something," said Fortson. "He always had a new truck and he was always making it bigger and faster louder i mean he loved it he always had grease under his fingernails."

As his friends and family sat around tables today, they all found themselves reminiscing on the good times Stevo brought them.

"He was the type of person that would melt your heart," said aunt Amy Reynolds. "Whenever we saw him he always greeted you with the biggest tightest strongest hugs you could ever imagine."

They had many pictures of Stevo for everyone to look at, and for many, they say it brought back the best memories.

"He just had the biggest smile and personality. It was all the way out of this world. He never judged anybody he always had a kind word and a smile and his personality was just bigger than life and we are just going to miss him so much he lit up every room he walked in," Fortson said.

His family say he spent every free second he had working on his trucks. He wanted to push it to the limits and some even called him a daredevil.

"He was always the one being rowdy doing the tricks skateboarding, risky, he was fearless," said one family.

At 22-years-old his family says he's gone too soon, but they say for Stevo, there was only one way they could say a proper goodbye.

Trucks revved their engines, burned their tires and took off into the distance, all for Stevo.

A long time family friend, Michelle Turner tells us, "He loved the burning of the rubber. He loved the trucks. He would have loved every bit of everything that happened today and it was all for BooBoo."

Stevos family has set up a GoFundMe account to help with the funeral cost and other expenses.

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