Alison Storm's dog, Max before being attacked by 2 dogs last week. (Family photo)

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) - It's been a week since Alison Storm's parents, Larry and Beth Storm, were attacked by 2 pit bulls. Alison's mother was seriously injured in the attack.

"We were in court yesterday and that brought up a lot of emotions,” explained Alison, “It really struck me how weak the laws are in this area."

Alison's own dog they had been walking, Max, died from his injuries. Police said the two dogs were pit bulls and their owner, Clifton Gash was cited with dogs running at large and nuisance animals.

The judge ordered Gash to pay a few hundred dollars in fines and cover Alison's vet bill to put Max down. Gash also had to surrender his 2 remaining dogs.

"Honestly the best thing that came out of that court hearing was that he can no longer have pets,” she explained.

Animal control officer JoAnne Smythe says Gash was cited in the past for animal issues. She says he complied and made the adjustments to follow city ordinances.

"Animal care and one of the dogs that did not attack was running at large,” she explained.

The Storm family says they're upset more serious measures weren't in place for repeat offenses, despite Gash's compliance. Alison says they think warnings and fines are not enough in cases like the storms.

"That's on par with a traffic ticket,” said Alison, “That's not okay. My mom was mauled, my parents severely traumatized and my dog was killed."

Alison says the family is working with a lawyer to see if changes can be made to the current animal laws in the city. They want to try and prevent another dog attack incident.

"I want something good to come from this,” she said.

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