Mykala Bell

Mykala Bell, a young mother of two, was tragically shot and killed during a large shooting at Lavish Lounge on White Horse Road in Greenville County in the early hours of July 5, 2020. 

GREENVILLE,SC (FOX Carolina)-A 23-year-old mother Mykala Bell and CJ Sterling were fatally shot after the Lavish Lounge shooting along White Horse Road.

Her mother and father are now speaking with Shale Remien three months after she was killed.

“The whole thing replays in my head like Groundhog's Day... every day,” Tosha Arnold, Mykala’s mother said.

One of the most unnatural things a parent can do, Tasha and Christopher Arnold have lived through.

"As a mother just to hear your child scream after she’s been shot, they didn’t show it of course but just to hear her scream I will never forget that." 

Mykala’s mother remembers vividly seeing her daughter for the last time.

"She was wearing white and walked past a pillar, there’s a big pillar at my uncle’s house. She said “I’ll see you tomorrow.” And the next time I saw her was in a casket,” Arnold said. 

Hurt remains as investigators search for other suspects. The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office was once investigating, however they say the case has been turned over to the ATF.

Her parents said they need a space to fully honor Mykala, not just for themselves but for her two children. Arnold says she shows them pictures of Bell and they scream “That’s Mommy, that’s mommy!”

Because Bell is older than 19, she cannot be claimed under her parents life insurance. They said their claim was denied forcing them to face thousands of dollars in expenses.

"They won’t let them bring the headstone out until the grave is paid for. We do owe the funeral home money as well."

They have started a go fund me  page, asking the community to help “Forever Remember Bell.”

“It’s almost like a murder and a robbery, they robbed us, they robbed our grand-kids, they robbed our whole family,” Arnold said.

There is a pending lawsuit being watched following the shooting. 

MORE NEWS: Rep. Timmons to present WWII veteran with Commendation, tour Military History Center in Greenville


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